Media Players

As a movie exhibitor, what options do you have when your media player (server) fails?

Option 1

Replace the Server from existing spares / surplus
Result: Stocks will ultimately be limited

 Option 2

If it’s linked to a Series 1 Projector, replace the projector with Series 2 and buy a new Media Player
Result: Significant cost outlay and also means replacing a good projector

Option 3

Replace the Server with a like for like
Result: No advancement in functionality

Option 4

Replace the server with a new generation solution such DigiCine
Result: A solution for today’s needs, but also future-proofed

Don’t buy a new projector just yet, extend the life of your existing one, and bank those cash savings.

Our solution comprises a server and an Integrated Media Block (IMB) which is inserted into the projector.

No matter whether you’re operating Series 1 or 2 projectors, the heart of our solution is the same.

Using a Series 1 Projector?

Our Solution

  • Gives you most of the Series 2 functionality but with the existing Series 1 Projector
  • Includes a Server and a DCinema Sleeve

Remember that it’s easy to migrate to a Series 2 Projector later, when you’re ready and you don’t have to buy another media player, just use our Upgrade Kit which includes firmware and a projector mounting assembly.

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Using a Series 2 Projector?

Our offering takes advantage of the fact that this is a software solution

  • Based upon the Mikrom Integrated Media Block (IMB), recognized as being highly resilient and feature rich
  • Based on latest technology using Windows 10

You have a great choice of Servers and Storage Options:

  • Manufacturers and Models
  • Drive Type (Solid State, Traditional and Ingress drive capability)
  • Capacity
  • Supportable and Storage Appropriate for Latest Film Releases
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