Exhibitor Management System

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to:

  • Plan, Confirm and Book Films across your Circuit
  • Communicate Bookings to all your theatres
  • Ingest POS Box Office feeds from all your theatres
  • Hold or finalize films
  • Audit Box Office and send Statements / EBORs to Distributors
  • Accrue Box Office and take any deductions
  • Create and process payments, send Distributor remittance / eVoucher
  • Report on all of the above

So are you:

  • Still sending paper statements to Distributors?
  • Wanting to audit your POS box office feed before sending it to SWIFT / the Studios?
  • Needing Accounting roles separated to meet auditor compliance mandates?
  • Wishing you had quickly-generated reports for communicating bookings to your theaters?
  • Wishing you had easily-accessible financial reports to help you make more-informed business decisions?

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Theatrical Exhibition Processes

Who would want to use it?

  • Exhibition Film Buyers
  • Exhibition Accounting Teams
  • Booking & Buying Agencies

What does it do?

  • Planning, Booking and Holdovers
    • Optimizes operations by streamlining bookings
    • Expedites data entry with common behavior and defaults
    • Rolls up film versions (2D/3D, etc.) to a “master title” for grosses and film rental
  • Box Office, Accruals and Settlement
    • Identifies box office audit problems systematically
    • Calculates film rental due to Distributor and manages accruals/film terms
    • Includes specialized functions for booking and buying agencies
  • Payment Processing
    • Creates payment requests & remittances
    • Manages on account & advance payments
    • Provides optional electronic box office reports (EBOR) & vouchers to distributors
  • Reporting
    • 20+ standard reports covering booking, box office, payments and analysis
    • Pre-existing optional reports available
    • Create custom reports for your circuit