Advanced Analytics

Showtime Insights

Are you suffering from Big Data Overload?
Do you get actionable insights into your business?

From marketing to operations, Exhibitors are being bombarded with over-complicated, data heavy reports. It can be difficult to pinpoint key performance indicators with all of this information.

What if we could provide you with digestible and insightful content?

Insights brings all your data together in one place and presents it back to you in visual, digestible chunks. Streamlining all aspects of your cinema business and delivering real-time analytics solutions.

Why is Insights different?

User-friendly Visual Analytics – Each Insights dashboard provides a highly interactive analytics view of key areas of business focus: from ticketing, retail, food and beverage film booking, pricing, staffing & payroll.

Content Relevant to You – User and role-based security ensures you see the relevant content and data to your specific job role and interests.

Cultural Adoption – The Mass User licensing model puts Insights into the hands of everyone in your organisation. Real-time analytics, available to anyone on any device, ensures maximum cultural collaboration and adoption.

Team Communication – No need to email, Insights allows for in-platform communication for all Users. Copy and share key insights directly with colleagues, create company groups and collaborate on content.

These are the people we can help:


Customise the dashboard to display a real-time overview of the business, available on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Film Bookers

Immediate overview and analysis of past performances, advanced sales, opening weekends, drop-offs, ticket mix and audience profiling.


Track and trend key metrics, drilling down to screen and performance level detail highlighting areas of opportunity.

Retail Managers

A combined dashboard view of retail, concessions, food and beverage, allowing you to analyse your product mix, identify best sellers and track staff.

Showtime Engage

How do you increase occupancy and upsell activity?
Do you have a single view of your customer that you can provide highly personalized marketing communications?

What if you could get a single view about your guests’ behaviour and interactions with your brand? By combining multiple data sources (such as online web bookers, loyalty and membership programmes, newsletters, marketing lists, social media and wifi) you can.  From this you can then create bespoke offers and rewards for your guests that make you stand out from the crowd and ensure your brand is #1 

If you segment, they will come. This is what Engage can do for you.

Key Features

Segmentation Tool – Mass communication in marketing is a thing of the past. Customers want and expect to receive relevant, personalised information.

Customer Communications – the User-friendly content creation wizard allows you to set up a wide range of customer communications including one-off messages, scheduled communications or newsletters.

Content Creation

Design your own branded content using our easy-to-use drag and drop content creation tool.

Track Success

No more guesswork. Engage harnesses marketing metrics such as open, click and bounce rates, allows you to track promotion success, integrates with the POS system for even more analysis and ultimately measures your return on investment.