CinemaCon Panel Discussion

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 27, 2019 – Digital Cinema Systems Corporation (DigiCine), an LA based solutions provider to movie exhibitors announces that it will be co-hosting a specialist discussion panel at this years’ CinemaCon in conjunction with the laser specialists at Power Technology. For an hour, in the Sorrento room, Promanade level, Caesars’ Palace, Las [...]

March 27th, 2019|Marketing, Press Release|

DigiCine Media Players New Applet Integrations

DigiCine Media Players New Applet Integrations Digital Cinema Systems Corporation is pleased to announce two applets have been fully integrated into our Play Controller. DigiCine Media Servers now provide Series 1 and 2 projectors the ability to create, schedule, and program each theatres content all through one application with an intuitive an improved interface. [...]

March 20th, 2019|Marketing, Press Release|

Power Technology and Digicine breathe new life into existing projection equipment at CinemaCon 2019

During CinemaCon 2019, DigiCine and Power Technology will host a joint demonstration of innovative solutions that breath new life into existing projection equipment. Both solutions allow theater owners to delay the purchase of a new projector and  extend the life of their existing projector.Using DigiCine’s media servers and Power Technology’s Illumina light source, visitors can [...]

March 19th, 2019|Marketing, Press Release|

DigiCine Media Players and Unique X’s RosettaBridge TMS announce Integrations

DigiCine Media Players and Unique X’s RosettaBridge TMS announce Integration LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, Janurary 7, 2019 – Digital Cinema Systems Corporation is pleased to announce new TMS compatibility for their range of media players with Unique X’s RosettaBridge TMS. RosettaBridge, the market leading TMS from Unique X, now includes full integration with the DigiCine [...]

January 7th, 2019|Marketing, Press Release|

Digicine Article in

Digicine has been featured in the September issue of magazine. Below is a condensed version of the article: There are an estimated 17,000 or more series 1 projector in use around the world. With cinema constantly progressing, new immersive sound options, the entry of laser projectors, and now LED technology hitting the market, what do [...]

November 30th, 2018|Marketing, Press Release|

CineEurope 2018

We are happy to be in Barcelona exhibiting at this year's CineEupoe. We hope everyone is having a good productive experience at this year's show. If you are looking to improve your cinema business stop by booth 817 and see if we can offer any solutions.   Have a great show and safe travels! [...]

June 13th, 2018|Marketing|

CinemaCon 2018 Post Show

Thank You to All Who Helped Make this a Successful CinemaCon. We had a wonderful time attending our first CinemaCon in Las Vegas. Safe travel to all and hopefully, we will see you at the next trade show. Until then, enjoy the show!

May 1st, 2018|Marketing|

Extending the Life of Older Projectors at CinemaCon 2018

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Power Technology and Digicine join forces to bring new life to old projectors at CinemaCon 2018. [Las Vegas, NV] – The laser experts at Power Technology have partnered with DigiCine, developers of DCI Compliant media servers, to demonstrate the power of upgrading Series 1 and Series 2 projectors to meet the demanding [...]

April 19th, 2018|Marketing, Press Release|

DigiCine Exhibiting at CineEurope 2018

Digital Cinema Systems are delighted to be attending this years’ CineEurope in Barcelona, Spain. At this years’ show we’ll be celebrating the launch of our DCI Compliant media player for use with Series 1 projectors.  This will extend the life of the estimated 17,000 plus Series 1 projectors in the field today and gives [...]

April 16th, 2018|Announcements, Marketing|

DigiCine Exhibiting at CinemaCon 2018

  Let’s meet at CinemaCon 2018 We’re delighted to be exhibiting for the first time at this years' CinemaCon in Las Vegas and have a number of solutions that address some of the pain points we hear that movie exhibitors have today. A new lease of life for series 1 projectors On our booth [...]

April 10th, 2018|Announcements, Marketing|