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Movie Exhibitors are looking at ways that technology can help them reduce their operating costs or release their people to do more ‘value-add’ activities.

What we hear are comments like:

  • My theatre managers constantly forget to create trailer packs for new features
  • I miss too many shows because a 17-year-old forgot to ingest keys or new content in time for the first show of the week.
  • How do I know if my staff is showing Star Wars to friends or for $$$ after hours?
  • I wish I could easily determine how many shows started late/ were missed/ ran unscheduled last week.
  • I want to do Title Mapping myself for the whole circuit so I know it’s done right!
  • I get tired of the Studios ask for my trailer placement on Thursday and on Monday hearing trailers didn’t play as scheduled.

We can help you with these issues and more, would you like to be able to:

  • Have centralized Title Mapping that eliminates redundant effort across your circuit thus obtaining a reduction in booth staffing hours, or allowing staff to do more customer centric activities?
  • Put trailers in the hands of a professional who can make sure your company’s best interest is/are served?
  • Give your marketing team the actual insight to Trailer playout to dismiss Studio trailer playout checking errors?
  • Eliminate key hassle?
    • Lost or corrupt thumb drives
    • Forgetting to ingest
    • Leaving in the hands of a teenage booth operator

Get in touch to find out how we can help on these and other operational issues affecting your business

Centralized Circuit Oversight

Who would want to use it?

  • Theatre Operations Managers
  • Exhibition Film Buyers / Bookers
  • Network Operations Centers (NOCs)

What does it do?

  • Creates efficiencies
    • Monitor your entire circuit from one screen at the home office (or your home!).
    • Missing keys for a new film? Sort your key issues by a distributor and make just one call for your entire circuit.
  • Eliminates Redundant Tasks
    • One qualified professional can title map and build trailer packs for your entire circuit at once.
    • Allows individual theater managers more time to focus on customers.
  • Gives Unprecedented, Centralized Operational Control
    • Ingest and deliver KDMs without involvement from theater staff
    • Have a last-minute trailer change? Quickly update the pack in Enterprise and send it to all your theaters.