Digicine has been featured in the September issue of CinemeaTech.today magazine. Below is a condensed version of the article:

There are an estimated 17,000 or more series 1 projector in use around the world. With cinema constantly progressing, new immersive sound options, the entry of laser projectors, and now LED technology hitting the market, what do you do if you’ve invested in digital equipment which is, in practical and economic terms, still viable for years to come? Do you want to wave goodbye to series 1 projectors that still give good service in your cinema? To address this problem and provide longevity to earlier digital projectors, the DigiCine series 1 solution is designed to replace early media players with a new DCI-compliant feature-rich solution.
The most notable of these was an upgrade required for deployment with series1 projectors.
The first DigiCine media players were installed with series 2 projectors in 2013/4, with the code being adjusted to address the series 1 projector ‘retrofit’ market, eventually gaining CTP accreditation in June 2017.
The secret’s up DigiCine’s sleeve The DigiCine Digital Cinema System Sleeve is a managed enclosure that houses a series 2-capable IMB for use with a series 1projector.
The Cinema Sleeve allows the IMB to be seated in an external enclosure and communicates with the series 1 projector using DCI-compliant methodology.
The DigiCine Series 1 Cinema Sleeve uses the full functionality of the system and is only limited by the inherent capabilities of the projector.

For further reading please find a copy of the informative magazine and turn to page 81, alternatively, you can download a full PDF or our write up here.