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Karl Anderson

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Karl is a results-focused Director and Advisor to Boards with an entrepreneurial spirit, who combines CEO/COO/CFO expertise with a practical approach to identifying and managing business and operations. He has served on executive boards of companies that design, manufacture and sell electronics and also has experience with distribution. With an extensive background in change management, Karl specializes in developing sound strategies that drive sustainable growth across varied sectors including; technology, service and consultancy. Karl’s strength is founded in improving company performance by implementing growth strategies, cost reduction programs, and process improvement. He is also a qualified accountant (FCMA) with 25 years’ experience.

Karl is a Partner in the Holborn Partnership (London), a unique business creating an environment that joins entrepreneurs with investors. The business creates opportunities for mergers and acquisitions, MBO’s and MBI. In this role, Karl facilitates a deal pipeline, providing advice on buying businesses, developing structured plans and presenting these to potential investors. For 13 years Karl undertook a variety of roles in a UK-based software reseller and data management consultancy for business intelligence solutions. During this time, Karl managed the SAP business stream with growth revenues of 57% and margin growth of 72%. He attained recognition from SAP as being one of the Top Fastest Growing UK Resellers for 2011. He planned, negotiated, and executed on a number of business acquisitions and disposals, successfully navigating the business through the depths of the 2009/2010 recession.

In 2014, Karl was appointed as COO to Hollywood Software Inc., a company whose expertise lies in movie distribution, exhibition and digital rights management solutions. Karl initially advised on acquisition-related issues and then when the business was acquired by international investors, he formulated and executed plans which returned the business to financial health. With the business turnaround complete, Hollywood Software was successfully sold in 2016 to Rentrak Corporation. Karl is a self-aware leader and coach who brings considerable integrity, reliability, discipline and order to a situation.

Thomas MacCalla
Industry Advisor

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Thomas MacCalla, has an MBA from UCLA with emphasis in Marketing, Finance and International Business. Thomas has provided strategic planning, management outsourcing and brokering services to a wide range of entertainment and technology organizations for more than 30 years. Thomas is a results orientated leader, skilled in motivating and developing excellence, and proven in his ability to open doors to new and emerging markets.

Thomas served as Director of Technical Sales, leading a division of system engineers to deliver significant results utilizing emerging technology. His success led to becoming AVP/Director of Entertainment Technology at Pacific Bell where he created a division that established pioneering technology applications that went on to exceed revenue objectives by 50%. With studios such as Disney, Paramount, Sony and Warner Bros, Thomas pioneered the use of high speed networking for digital dailies, special effects and animation and the early work in Digital Cinema.

From 1996 through 2002, Thomas was the COO of the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at USC. He reported to a board comprised of all six major motion picture studios as well as leading technology providers. With the goal of exploring new innovations in entertainment technology, ETC worked in online media with Cybersand Box, content security, the introduction of the DVR with TiVO, and the development of Digital Cinema. Thomas led the creation of the Digital Cinema Lab, which became home to Digital Cinema Initiatives’ (DCI) research. Thomas was responsible for negotiating and consummating a contract between a major US studio and the Institute for Creative Technology (ICT), a research organization directed by the U.S. Army with emphasis on visual, audio and artificial intelligence projects, for the purpose of creating unique applications. For the past 14 years, Thomas has facilitated a bi-annual tour of entertainment technology, for members of the European Digital Cinema Forum.

In his joint venture, Karagosian MacCalla Partners (2003-2005), and a subsequent consulting association with MKPE (2006-2011) Thomas developed projects related to digital cinema rollouts, content fulfilment, distribution and anti-piracy. His role in the first major rollout of digital cinema with the UK Film Council as well as the re-introduction of 3D movies to studios & exhibition is well documented. Thomas has worked with clients in the United Kingdom and Ireland to rollout digital cinema and DCP delivery systems. He continues to be active in the UK, Hollywood and Latin America, developing and brokering entertainment technology projects.

Bill Elswick
Technical Architect

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Bill is a serial entrepreneur with three successful start-ups since 1992. He has served as the Founder & President of CompanyV.Com Corp and Entertainment Technology Associates, Inc. Bill has served as Chief Technologist in Digital Cinema for DTS Inc., and CTO of Avica Technology Corporation. Bill’s range of clients have included the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (A.M.P.A.S.), MCA/Universal Interactive Media, Microsoft, RGB Optical, the Santa Monica College Academy of Entertainment and Technology, Technicolor and Warner Bros.

Experienced in staffing and managing complex projects including multiple teams and geographically distributed development centers, Bill also possesses a wide-ranging background in engineering management and complex system realization. Bill is the named inventor on five U.S. patents, and has been extensively involved in developing standards work for the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (S.M.P.T.E.) related to digital cinema.
Bill’s specialities include design, specification and implementation of digital media production, post-production, distribution and exhibition systems, as well as building and running software and hardware development organizations. His skill in the design and implementation of control systems, editing systems, packaging systems and formats, processing systems (including compression and transformation of picture and sound material), as well as analogue and digital design is vast.