Point of Sale

The Admit One software comes as one complete package including everything you need to run your business. Do all of the below in one simple suite!

  • Sales
  • Stock
  • Event Management
  • Sales Management
  • Head Office
  • Digital Signage
  • Web & Apps

We can help with:

  • Have access to the whole suite of software with one modest license fee?
    • Featuring everything from point of sale application, digital signage, stock management and more in one package!
  • Improve the ticket buying experience for your patrons?
    • With multiple sales channels
    • No overbooked seats
  • Improve customer insights
    • With loyalty cards
      • Your customers can receive favorable and promotional pricing, giving you up-sell opportunities by taking advantage of automatic combos and up-sell triggers.
    • Allowing data mining to see your patron’s purchasing habits
  • Improve data integrity
    • Ensure data consistency across multiple sites
      • Keeping accurate figures on what you sell and your stock levels across your estate to give efficiencies in replenishment strategies.
    • Use Rentrak’s metadata
  • Enhanced reporting capability
    • Full visibility on margins and markup identifies loss leaders, unprofitable or slow-selling lines, and enables you to fine-tune your stock holding for maximum efficiency
  • Reduced admin, duplication and transaction errors
    • Pricing policies centrally applied
      • Move the responsibility for setting up and maintaining each individual site in your multi-site circuit from the site to the head office.
  • Performance tracking and reduce the opportunity for fraudulent activity
    • Track time and attendance for your staff. By controlling the login method (staff card, barcode, pin, username and password combination, RFID scan), track and audit the activity that each staff member engages in.


Admit One offers a diverse set of sales channels, through POS, website, and mobile apps, allowing you to reach your customers in any way you need. Be it cinema, theater or museum, restaurant, retail or simple ticketing, we have everything you need to make selling easier.


A1 Stock allows you to accurately track, monitor and manage your stock in any way you need. With the addition of A1 Stock for mobile devices, stock taking is quicker and easier than ever, making light work of even the largest of venues. Set up discounts and combos in seconds to get your stock on sale quickly.

Event Management

A1 Event lets you easily set up events, configure tickets and schedule performances. With the ability to schedule multiple sites from a single PC, managing your companies’ schedules has never been easier. A1 Event also has the capabilities to set up season tickets and compound events, which means you can sell your tickets exactly the way you want.

Sales Management

A1 Admin gives you control over every financial aspect of your business – you have complete visibility on every transaction. Overviews on daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales can be broken down and inspected using an infinite number of report variations, made to order to report exactly what you need.

Head Office

Need to manage multiple sites without switching in and out of PCs and servers? Admit One allows you to manage every site from a single suite of programs. No need to connect to servers off-site remotely, no need to send instructions to sites which can be lost in translation. Schedule events at several sites, set up stock and ticket standards or independently control pricing.

Digital Signage

A1 Display is Admit One’s digital signage software. It can be used in several different ways to present various pieces of information live from your server. This information is not only informative to your customers but can also act as a way to drive sales, and give up-to-date availability and scheduling information.

Web & Apps

Online and mobile bookings enable your customers to check cinema listings and book at any time, in any location. The online booking engine can be integrated into your existing website, and our smartphone apps utilize your company’s imagery and color scheme to extend your brand to the digital world.

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