Theater Command Center

We can help you with these issues and more, would you like to be able to

  • Automate almost every task, saving SIGNIFICANT hours in the booth?
    • Add pre-show content to all show lists
    • Add proper automation to all show lists
    • Map titles
    • Manage screen trailers
    • Manage backup content
    • Transfer of content across screens / auditoriums
    • Build and run your shows…lights, curtains, content!
  • Have advertising API imports content and Ad playlists from partner providers like ScreenVision (US), DCM (UK, N. Ireland), Pearl and Dean (UK) and Wide Eyed Media (Ireland) and the auto trim shows based on content priority to avoid overlaps…whilst maximizing Ad revenue?
  • Ensure proper billing and audit support

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Digital Cinema Weekly Operations With Theatre Command Centre

Who would want to use it?

  • Theatre Staff (Usually Managers & Projectionists)

What does it do?

  • Reports real-time status of shows, players, and system health
  • Enables you to program all of your screens in under 15 minutes per week
  • Ingests digital files via hard drive, satellite or network share
  • Automatically transfers files to proper players during off-peak time periods
  • Map that content (with weird digital file names) to the title movie goers see on their tickets so the correct content plays at the correct time on the correct screen
  • Build ad and trailer packs and assign rules so the packs play with the correct film/screen/time/rating

Download an overview here